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Shanghai Cancer Hospital


Shanghai Cancer Hospital at Fudan University is a grade-A tertiary hospital, engaged in clinical practice, medical education, oncological research and cancer prevention. Historically, it can be traced back to Sino-Belgian Radium Institute established on March 1, 1931 as the earliest special hospital of oncology in China.  As of 2015, it is staffed with 1,851 medical employee, including 218 full and associate professors (52 MD and 75 MS mentors), 473 physicians and surgeons, 793 nurses, and 382 medical technicians. Departments in Shanghai Cancer Hospital include  Head & Neck Surgery, Breast Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Gastric Cancer and Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Colorectal Surgery, Urology, Pancreatic Surgery etc.

Shanghai Cancer Hospital is one of the earliest hospitals performed radical mastectomy in China. Current number of breast cancer surgeries is above 4000 annually. Shanghai Cancer Hospital together with SPDx finished 127 Precitype tests in Chinese Han breast cancer patients and 200 more breast cancer samples will be tested in October, 2016.

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