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Biogateway Partners Inc

Biogateway Partners Inc., founded in September 2013, is located in Biological Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It is an entrepreneurial company that enhances development and ommercialization of health-science innovations by accessing a “dual gateway” network of trusted experts from the USA and China, creating win/win collaborations, and facilitating high-return deals.  Services to provide include: An opportunity to take advantage of technological innovations in both the USA and China; Sourcing, qualification, negotiation, and management of deals; Integrated commercialization solutions; A trusted resource network in each country ; Assistance in developing win/win deals with successful achievement of downstream milestones ;Facilitation of corporate launches in the USA and China; Executive coaching/mentoring and training programs

Members of the BioGateway leadership team—which includes external Partners and Strategic Allies—are able to draw upon a large pool of experts from personal networks in both the USA and China (known as “guanxi” in Mandarin) that includes Genentech alumni, top business executives, medical “key opinion leaders,” cutting-edge scientists, public health authorities, investors, and economic development officials.









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