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Shanghai Majorbio Bio-Pharm

Shanghai Majorbio Bio-Pharm Technology Co. Ltd, started from the first generation sequencing service, and has expanded its business fields to High Throughput Sequencing, Bioinformatics service, Cloud Computing, Medical Laboratory Technology & Diagnostics, Biopharma etc. Majorbio now owns 5 subsidiary companies, Major Science and Technology, Sanger information Technology, Major Medical Laboratory, Yuhua Biopharma and Major Research Institute. The Major Science and Technology has set up laboratories in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and built up sales network throughout the country.

With the first-class sequencing platforms, HiSeq2500, HiSeq 4000, MiSeq, ABI 3730XL, ABI 7500, and cutting edge mass spectrometry platforms, Q-Exactive, Triple 5600 TOF, Obitrap Fusion, QTRAP 5500, Majorbio can provide services of genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, metagenomic sequencing, single cell sequencing and target-zone sequencing, as well as services of proteomics and metabolomics to meet the need of omics for scientific researches.








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