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Company introduction

Company introduction:

SPDx is located in Zhangjiang Hitech Park, Shanghai, with an oversea R&D lab in RTP, North Carolina. Strategic alliances and collaborators include Shanghai Cancer Hospital affiliated by Fudan University, Center of Immune therapy center at Fudan University, Shanghai CDC, An Steel  group Hospital, Lineberg Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina Biotech Center, Biogateway Partners. Working closely with its strategic alliances and collaborators, SPDx applies cutting-edge technologies to develop molecular diagnostic products based on gene expression signatures with focus on woman’s cancers and introduce innovative diagnostic products from US to China. SPDx has patented a breast cancer diagnostic product, PrecitypeTM , in China and filed a patent application in US. PrecitypeTM is the first SPDx product for molecular subtyping and evaluation of risk of distant metastasis of breast cancer and SPDx owns its exclusive IP right in China. The mission of SPDx is to become a leader in development of molecular diagnosis based on tumor gene expression profiles to benefit cancer patients in China

Core Business: Research & Development of molecular diagnostic products for cancers.

Transcriptomics is applied to determine gene expression signatures of cancers that are used for molecular subtyping, calculations of immune score and risk of distant metastasis to guide therapeutic strategies in clinical practice. A newly developed molecular diagnostic product for breast cancer has been patented in China and a patent application has been filed in US. Other pipelines of diagnostic products include ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and endometria cancer.

Cancer is a disease that is highly heterogenetic. Molecular subtypes in combination with traditional pathological examinations will greatly enhance precise evaluation of behavior of cancer cells and prediction of prognosis and help with individualized therapeutic strategy for cancer patients to maximize efficacy of therapies and increase patient’s survival time.








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