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Breast cancer

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Breast cancer is the most common incident cancer of women in China. Report from 2012 Cancer Statistics in China showed a total of 273 thousand new breast cancer cases and the projected number of new cases in 2016 is above 35 thousand. PrecitypeTM, a molecular diagnostic product for breast cancer based on cancer cell gene expression profiles, determines gene expression signatures of breast cancer by using next generation sequencing (NGS) for molecular subtyping and evaluations of risk of distant metastasis and immune score. It is the first product to use NGS to determine gene expression for breast cancer molecular diagnosis in China. A panel of 72 genes related to cell cycle, oncogene and immune function is created to check expression signatures in both ER+ and ER- breast cancers to help patients and physicians to decide if a chemotherapy is needed and what the best therapeutic strategy is for an individual patient. The goal is to improve efficacy of therapies and increase time and quality of survival of breast cancer patients, and to reduce cost of treatment and save medical resources.

PrecitypeTM is the first breast cancer diagnostic product invented and patented in China. The unique advantages of PrecitypeTM for Chinese patients include 1. Application of immune score to predict prognosis and guide clinical therapy in some ER- patients, and 2. Chinese Han patients based database for risk of distant metastasis evaluation.









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